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Friday, April 27, 2007
Sometimes, especially when I'm out on the front porch looking over San Jose, I pause in quiet reflection and think to myself: "HOLY SHIT I'M IN COSTA RICA!"

Even after over two months of being here, the reality still kicks in at odd times. This isn't the United States. I'm in a completely different country. I'm a foreigner. I don't belong here. I quite a well-paid job to move to this country, teach, and earn an income that would put me in the poverty bracket back home. I barely speak Spanish. I'm surviving on a pot of coffee a day and a healthy dose of rice and beans. All of my posessions fit in two duffel bags. Who the hell does something like this? This is madness. How long can I keep this up? What exactly am I going to do when I'm done? How do I transition back to the real world?

And then, after a few brief moments of heart-racing anxiety and panic, I look at the palm trees and birds and mountains, and I relax. I'm in Costa Rica. Go with it. Give it a few months. Maybe even eight or nine. Let's see what happens, shall we?

Stiffs in suits have heart-attacks. Gringos in shorts have sun-burns. Chose wisely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just reminded me when I was there but for a spell of 10 days when the internet was just brewing. Thats how long since. There's this coastal port Puerto Limon. Stayed in a little hotel owned by a sweet Chinese immigrant, when that song was national treasure. Song title tatata da..."Puerto Limon". Got their national football (soccer) team lodging next door too. Disciplined fellows n good players too. Yes, tropical weather, beaches, sugarcane juices and stewed hot pot meat (national drink and plate?) and simple but beautiful people mostly. I love them. They say huge chunk of population diabetic. Oh, those mysterious rocks from space?.. the fruits n greens market at San Jose..colourful. Then, there's coffee...could go on and on but enough. Thought of moving there once, cos I met this senorita..ooops. Cheers.

Anonymous phillydude said...
"Stiffs in suits have heart-attacks. Gringos in shorts have sun-burns. Chose wisely."

New JSF sig for me. Thanks pal.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh yes I stayed at Hotel Acon P.Limon..maybe not around anymore or a towering block in its place. Lovely senorita in there is presumeably the new head.;)