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Saturday, August 11, 2007
Any Excuse
My roommates and I decided to have a party at our house. We didn't have a reason at first. We just knew we wanted to have some folks over. And then, an excuse presented itself. Our academic coordinator's birthday is next weekend, but I and Roomie #1 will be in Grenada for our border run. So we threw a birthday party on Friday.

I began preparing immediately after my morning class. I bought a bunch of food and beverage and went home to start drinki...err...cooking. I made patacones (fried plantain chips), refried black beans, salsa picante, and guacamole. Roomie #1 made a big cookie cake thing. I also started making a big pile of (empty) Pilsen cans.

And then we waited. From my previous party experience, I knew that people are never on time. Ticos, more than anyone else, would surely be late. But Roomie #1 started to worry.

Eventually people trickled in. And then more people arrived. And more. I didn't know them all. The night became a blur of drinking, dancing, talking, and card-playing. Nothing was broken. Nobody was hurt. I met a lovely Tica. Everyone seemed to have fun. Clean-up was fairly easy the next day. I'd call it a success.

We're already thinking of having another one next month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
You going to expand on the 'lovely Tica'?

-Brian (bmac)

Blogger Tony said...
I'll tell more when there's more to tell. ;)