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Monday, March 26, 2007
Alone, Alone

We took my gracious hostess to the airport today, as she had to return to Ohio. Over the weekend, almost all of her very large family stopped by at various times to say goodbye. We had a little dinner party on Sunday. She made lasagna. And rice and beans. (Only in Costa Rica, I swear!) I've learned a neat trick for large gatherings. Someone will inevitably ask me how I'm enjoying my time here. I respond, loudly, with two big thumbs up, "Costa Rica es Pura Vida!" The crowd goes wild.

We were all quite sad to see her go, of course. And I, myself, was a little nervous. Her vacation is over. That means my unofficial vacation is over, too. I'm on my own now. I've lost my tour-guide / interpreter. The rest of her family is still around, sure. And some of them speak a little English. But this is where it gets real. I'm no longer a houseguest. I'm a rent-paying tennant, trying to make a go in a new country. There are certain things I still have no idea how to do with my limited linguistic ability. Like, getting a haircut, for instance. I may come back to the states with dreadlocks. Anyway, as a first course of business, I did what ever man must do for his first night in his apartment: I went out to stock my fridge...


My own family is on vacation this week. The kids are on spring break, so they've all packed up and hit the beach at Tybee Island. While I have my own beaches to look forward to, I'm more than a little sad that I'm missing the family outing.

For some good news, I'm getting some decent vibes about a teaching gig in San Jose. I'll find out more when I visit the school tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.