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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Comments on Comments
Comments on Comments

I read all of your comments even though I haven't been responding individually. Let me try to hit a few points here. And allow me to thank you all for reading and providing feedback. It's nice to know you're all out there!

Exercise: I haven't been running or jogging. I just wouldn't feel safe running in my neighborhood. I can't explain it, really. It's just a vibe. It's one thing for me to walk around with a purpose. Even then, I still get hassled sometimes. But being a gringo in running gear, sweating and panting up the streets, would be inviting someone to screw with me, I think. I have been doing quite a bit of walking. I know I could be doing more. And I know I could be doing things at home to keep my strength and aerobic fitness up. I'm just being lazy. No excuses. But up until the past few days, my weight was at a good number. A bit too much bread and ice cream lately, I think.

Religion: Costa Ricans are mainly Catholic. It colors their attitudes. For instance, the women may walk around in tight pants and shirts that expose more than they cover, but chastity is still considered a virtue. Alcohol and drugs are mentioned in hushed tones. I was actually surprised to see that booze is sold on Sundays; I figured they might have some blue laws like we did in the States. The religion is deeply rooted in the culture. The buses and taxis have Christian slogans, like "King of Kings" and "God is My Father," boldly painted on them. Many storefronts do as well. I guess it's assumed that non-Catholic customers won't be offended. Some of the churches are beautiful. Others are shacks. Someday I think I'll duck into one during mass. I'd like to attend one here, just for the experience. I'm sure it's very similar to those in the US. After all, the meaning of Catholic is "universal."