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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Fin de Semana
It seems that Sunday lunch with the family could be a regular thing. Although I like having time to myself, I don't mind a little company. And I certainly don't mind a free meal. Today Dulce made Tico Tacos. They're a little different from Mexican tacos. They're tortillas stuffed with marinated meat and then the whole thing is wrapped up and deep fried. It's artery-clogging goodness.

The family is talking about going back up the mountain to Tres Cruzes next Sunday. Three times might be a bit much. I didn't say "no," but I think I'd rather do something else with my Sunday. I've seen signs for an orchid expo in Cartago. Even if I don't go to the expo, I'd like to go explore the city. It's supposed to be nice. It'd make a good day-trip, and it'd be a baby step towards longer excursions by myself. I need to get out and see Costa Rica!