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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Mas Comida

My decision was confirmed this morning. I was invited over to have coffee with J and his mother, who are my neighbors. J (who happens to be one of Marta's nephews) speaks some English (learned from books and CDs) and is always happy to practice. He also likes to teach me a little Spanish. He's been very helpful in showing me around and making me feel at home. So I couldn't refuse the invitation to socialize. Plus, I love coffee.

But it's never just coffee. He and his mother laid out a full spread, with bread and cheese and fruits. I wasn't particularly hungry, but a plate was put in front of me and it would've been rude to have nothing. I nibbled some bread while sipping my coffee.

We talked about Semana Santa. This week is Holy Week, a major holiday for Costa Rica. The schools, many businesses, and government institutions are closed all week. Most other business are closed at least Thursday and Friday, when the holiday really kicks up. I think the stores stop selling alcohol on Wednesday or Thursday. Busses don't even run on Friday. It's been all over the news for weeks. Ticos flock to all the major beaches and tourist spots for this week. Hotels and busses are booked solid. It's their Spring Break.

I was informed that the family will have a big feast on Thursday and Friday, centered around some sort of fish stew. It's like Thanksgiving here, J said. Lots of food. But fish instead of turkey. Seafood prices have been in the news, too. So I've got that to look forward to.