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Friday, April 06, 2007
My Tico Family
Today is a major holiday in Costa Rica, the culmination of Semana Santa. The streets are practically empty. The town is very quiet. Everyone is at home, spending time with loved ones.

Dulce, Marta's younger sister, explained the significance of the day to me. It is a day of reflection and relaxation, family and feasts. She went on to say that I am considered part of the family, and they would like me to join them for lunch. I was touched. Of course I gratefully accepted the invitation.

We sat around large tables outside, on the back porch. It was a gorgeous day. I was served fish soup, rice with shrimp, marinated vegetables, beet salad, sardines in tomato sauce, and warm tortillas. Everything was delicious. For dessert, we had something I can only describe as a "coconut bar." It was rich and sweet. The meal was fantastic, and the companionship was especially nice.

With Marta gone, the rest of the family had little reason to include me. They've only known me for a few weeks, not very long given the language barrier. But they have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed. Their warmth and hospitality is seemingly endless.