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Monday, April 16, 2007
Sin Azucer

I've mentioned that it's an oddity that I drink my coffee black, without sugar. I still get funny looks. But in my opinion, the coffee here is so tasty that it doesn't need anything else added to it. Crappy coffee needs sweetener. Good coffee needs a mug.

On a friend's recommendation, I bought a bag of Cafe Rey. After brewing a few pots, I noticed that the grounds really stuck to the filter. Then I took a closer look at the bag. It's 90% coffee and 10% sugar. There's suger right in the coffee! I swear, only in Costa Rica. They love their sugar.

I'll admit, Cafe Rey is a fine brew. But I think I'll go back to Cafe 1812 (the family's choice, and the original source of my addiction). It's a blend of dark and light roasts, with no sugar. Or maybe I'll try some of the other brands. But now I'll know to check the ingredients first.