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Sunday, May 13, 2007
It's a deal. We've worked out the details with the landlord. I'll be signing the contract on Wednesday. I'll be moving to Heredia on June 9th.

I'll miss having my own place, of course. It's nice to have so much space all to myself. I like the independence and the peace. I'll miss sitting on my porch, watching the world. I'll miss having my Tico family around. They've been great to me. And, in some ways, I'll actually miss San Rafael Abajo de Desemparados. The little town, with all its quirks, has grown on me.

But I won't miss the long commute to get to my school, or the hassle of going through San Jose every day, or the crackheads at the end of my street. I'll finally be able to take any schedule without worrying about getting back and forth. I won't have to turn down a night class because I'm afraid of walking the streets when the sun goes down.

I'm glad I had the experience of living here. It was good for me to get to know San Jose and to live near the city (as opposed to diving right into a suburb like Heredia). And it was great to have a family make me feel at home in Costa Rica. But I think the timing is right. I'm ready to move on.

It might even be good for me to have roommates. It'll encourage socializing. It's too easy for me to be a hermit here.

Marta called today (good timing, as always) so I got to tell her I'll be moving out and thank her for everything. She told me to keep in touch with her family, they'll want to hear how I'm doing. And I'm welcomed to move back here if I ever need to. I'll never be homeless in Costa Rica.