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Saturday, May 12, 2007
Muchas Frutas y Verduras y Mas
Only two students showed up for class today. And they were late. This is why we're moving the class to their location and having it during the week.

After class, I and another teacher walked around Heredia to go look at a condo for rent. Along the way, we ran into the farmer's market. Most cities have one on Saturdays from early morning till a little after noon. I thought the selection of produce at the central market was impressive. But the farmer's market is like the mercado on steroids! There were vendors with little tables set up in four rows covering 4 or 5 blocks. They had everything. It was overwhelming. Ticos were walking around with huge bags or even carts filled with their purchases. I foresee myself doing much the same thing when I live here.

The condo was only a couple of blocks away, too. How convenient! Unfortunately, we spent almost an hour wandering around trying to find the place because the directions we had were somewhat... lacking. Such is life in a land without street signs or house numbers. It was worth the hunt, though. The condo was in a nice location, a little closer to town than the other apartment that was our previous top choice. It was bigger, though we'd be sharing it with a third roommate. That shouldn't be too bad, though, since there's three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It's fully furnished, including wireless internet. The rent is decent (the same as what I'm paying now, but I'll have to pay for utilities - again, not bad since they'll be split three ways). We think we're going to take it. I walked back to the school to see how long it'd take, and it was only about 20 minutes. Sure beats a commute that's over an hour and takes two buses.