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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Churches, Chorros, and Churros
Saturday, roommate and I went to the mall because we wanted to see a movie. But everything was sold out! Apparently that's the way it is on weekends in the rainy season. Everybody goes to the movies. So we just walked around and had a snack at the food court. It's surreal going to the mall here. It's so... American. Almost exactly like the malls in the US. Same stores. It even has that same "mall smell." I had ceviche at the food court. I should've known better. It wasn't the best ceviche I've had here. But I didn't get sick.

Sunday, we decided to go to Grecia and Sarchi, a couple of nearby towns. Our German roommate went with us. We started at Grecia, where the main attraction is a big red metal church. So I went to church on a Sunday! Sort of.

Grecia's Church

Then we went to Los Cataratas de los Chorros, which I'm told translates to "The Waterfalls of the Waterfalls" since both cataratas and chorros mean waterfalls. It was beautiful. The whole area reminded me of the trails and waterfalls in Tennessee.

Los Chorros, Grecia

Leaving the park, we had to wait quite a while for our bus. A little old man in a big floppy white hat came over to talk to the roommates. I'm not sure they appreciated the company, but I thought he was hilarious. He gave them big ol' hugs before we left.

Finally, we made it to Sarchi, where there was a little festival going on downtown. There were tents with arts and crafts, which Sarchi is famous for. The town itself is full of souvineer and furniture shops, but not much else

Sarchi Festival Sarchi Festival

Sarchi Festival

We didn't feel like browsing, so we made our way back home. I can't even explain how many different buses this little daytrip took! But it was nice to get out and see a few different places.

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