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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Make A Party
I have no exciting travel stories or pictures to share with you from the weekend.

Saturday night, I did, however, go out with Roomie and a former student of ours, Gab. He invited us to a place called The Blue Lounge. It took two buses and a cab to get there. It was a trendy-looking place with hip lighting and too-cool-for-comfort seating. And it was practically empty. We hung out there for a few hours. Others talked while I tried to follow the conversations. I think my comprehension is improving, even if my speaking isn't.

After awhile, Gab and his friends asked us if we'd like to go somewhere else. Sure, why not? So we got in a cab, then a bus, then another cab, and eventually we were in downtown San Jose at "La Avispa." There was much more activity here. The place was thumping with house music and latin beats. People were dancing in various styles, from the typical white-boy-shuffle to the abstract-techno-flow to the latino-hip-grind. (Seriously, how do they do that with their hips? It's like they're made of rubber. Incredible. And... hot). As they drank more, Gab's friends started speaking more English. Likewise, I spoke more (more - not necissarily better) Spanish. This led to some interesting Spanglish conversations. We had a great time and stayed until the club closed.

Getting home required a somewhat scary walk through downtown San Jose. At night, all the freaks and bums come out in force. But we were a large group, so it was a little safer. Gab found a collectivo cab that was going to Heredia, which made it easier and safer for us to get home. Still, it's a lot of work to go bar-hopping using public transportation!