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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Soccer is, by far, the most important sport in Costa Rica. The sports page of the newspaper is filled with pages of soccer information and a little corner of one pages about other sports. They take their futbol seriously. So I figured I should watch a game, live, in a stadium. Last weekend, my town's team (Club Sport Herediano) was playing at home, so I went with a couple of other teachers to check it out.

heredia futbol 03 heredia futbol 13
Honestly, it wasn't as exciting as I thought it'd be. I expected a more festive atmosphere. But the crowed just wasn't pumped. I think that's because the opposition wasn't very good. CSH scored three goals and the other team (I don't even remember their name) barely made any attempts.

We did get to see some little kids do a traditional dance, which was cute.
heredia futbol 02

And I got to try some unique stadium food. No hotdogs here, folks. There was pizza, which my friends went for. But I took a chance on a guy with a basket selling "patie." It's a snack from the Caribbean, a small pastry filled with meat and beans. I got mine with chili, so it had a little kick. Pretty tasty.

When the game was over, everyone filed out. Again, it was a rather uneventful ending. We might try to catch one of the more important games if we get a chance. I know there are some serious rivalries here.