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Thursday, November 22, 2007
Feliz Dia del Pavo
Thanksgiving is the one holiday that I enjoy without stress or frustration. It is also the one day of the year that my family gets together at one table and actually talks. Christmas, with its bounty of gifts, is all about the kids. Thanksgiving is about the whole family. It begins the night before, when we cram into the kitchen and start prepping the meal. We get everything ready ahead of time so we can eat early in the afternoon. Plus, there are few joys greater than waking up to the smell of roasting turkey.

Of course, I'm missing it this year.

I'm bummed beyond belief, but there's a consolation prize. We're hosting an expat Turkey Day at our place on Saturday (since most folks have to work Thursday). I bought the bird today. The selection was slim, and the price was ridiculous, but I suppose I'm lucky I found one at all. Turkey isn't too popular here. It's only available at the gringo supermarkets this time of year, which have set up companion displays of Stove Top stuffing and canned cranberries. I plan on making dressing from scratch (thankyouverymuch) and gravy to boot. Roomie, however, snatched a can of cranberry goo. But she's also making pies, so I'll overlook it. Others are bringing mashed taters and such. One kind soul has promised cocktails, bless her heart.

After we stuff ourselves, we're going to have a party with a broader invitation list. It's a going away party for me and Roomie. The rest of our weekends are booked, so this is our last chance to hang out with many of our newfound friends.

Better than a day of family fellowship, extreme overindulgence, watching parades on TV, and browsing newspapers full of sale ads? No, I'll miss my family's quirky traditions. But I'm thankful I have friends here that will attempt to fill that gap.