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Monday, November 26, 2007
Turkey Day Follow-Up
The expat turkey dinner party we hosted on Saturday night was a huge success! I woke up at 8:30 in the morning to get the bird in the oven and hit the farmer's market for fresh veggies. My roommates were smart and kind enough to leave the house while I, still groggy from the previous night's festivities, monopolized the kitchen in order to prepare the feast. I can be a bit of a bear at times, believe it or not.

I braised a 5.5kg turkey (slathered in herb butter) for 2.5 hours at 375 and 5 hours at 200. I made gravy from homemade vegetable stock and turkey drippings. I made dressing from scratch, using homemade cornbread and store-bought white bread. All of these dishes were firsts for me to attempt solo. My family always helps, and they tend to use a few more prepared ingredients.

Around 5:30, guests started arriving, bringing sides and drinks. It was at this point that I realized our guest list was a bit estrogen-heavy. I was the only male at a table of nine females. Hey, I'm not complaining! It's a special joy to have a group of women fawn and compliment my cooking skills. I spent a good portion of the dinner just sitting back, smiling, and soaking it all in.

After dessert (apple and pumpkin pies skillfully crafted by my roommate) and digestion, I hid in the kitchen to do dishes while the ladies gabbed. I wanted to clean the place up a bit before the rest of our friends arrived for the party.

Alex (friend and former student) showed up with his brother, his cousin, and a lovely young lady. Roommate's former student came with a friend as well. Cacique and shot glasses were passed around. The rest of the night is a bit hazy, but I know it involved dancing, laughing, and posing for pictures.

Altogether, I'd say it was one of the best weekends of my life.