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Sunday, June 29, 2008
A New Face
After two weeks of working on the house, it's starting to look like we've actually made progress. All of the siding has been replaced, new exterior doors have been installed, and all of the old windows have been replaced.

Naked house:
Demolition Phase Demolition Phase

New exterior:
Siding and Drywall Siding and Drywall

Drywall has been hung in the three bedrooms, covering the old ugliness and providing a nice clean slate to work with.

Siding and Drywall Siding and Drywall

While the walls are exposed, I'm taking the opportunity to add electrical outlets and wiring boxes. Eventually, I'd like to complete a structured wiring project.

Siding and Drywall
Blogger misterorange said...
Awesome progress man, thanks for posting updates! :)

I trust you've spoken to Jeremy regarding his newest spawn, Luke?