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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Timeout for Pork
Due to kids birthdays, Independence day, and various other events this week, we didn't get much work done on the house. Instead, my brother-in-law and I built a fire pit in his backyard and roasted a pig. Fair play. I'm willing to delay progress for the sake of pork.

Roasted Pig

Roasted over charcoal and hickory wood for about 5 hours, this 85 pound porker was tender and delicious. I didn't even marinate or season it. The smoke took care of all that. It came out great!

I use the 3 Guys from Miami method for building the pig pit. I got the hog from Snapps Ferry Packing (5900 East Andrew Johnson Highway, Afton, TN; 423-638-7001). They were great to deal with. Despite giving them less than a week's notice, and even with the holiday rush, they hooked me up with a perfectly butchered hog at a reasonable price. I plan on doing another one of these when my house is done, so I'll definitely keep them in mind.
Blogger misterorange said...
*Hopes to get an invite to the 'We're Finally Done With This F&$king House Now Let's Eat Dead Pig And Drink' party* :)

Anonymous Ole said...
Well well well, look what I stumbled across. Hello Tony, long time no see. You went back to Tennessee, eh? Well, from what I read you had quite a year in Costa Rica. Good for you :)

Blogger Robert said...
There's been no updates on here for awhile, slacker.:)

Anonymous TESOL Course said...
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